How Long Must This Go On?

Last updated : 07 July 2003 By Firparkcorner

When we first went into administration, Bryan Jackson was confident a sale would take place. However, when our books were sent out to those with credible bids, interest soon began to dwindle and when local businessman Ian Adams was forced to withdraw, things began to look bleak.

The WWS campaign starts
On the bright side, Bryan Jackson assured us that after the redundancies we had made, we were not in any imminent danger and that since we were now making a profit, we could continue in interim administration indefinitely.

It soon became clear that we would only come out of administration when John Boyle decided the time was right. After a long battle, our SPL status was secured for another season and while the sacked players won their appeal for payment, this was not something that was unexpected. Our star player James McFadden has a level head on his shoulders and seems willing to stay for another season. Basically, all the major factors which seem to affect us coming out of administration appear to have been resolved.

So why haven’t the first steps been taken? Well, maybe they have. Coming out of administration is not an overnight process and there will need to be a lot of donkeywork done in the background. The Supporters Trust, which John Boyle has hinted will be involved in ‘New Motherwell’, is now well established and will probably be represented by someone at board level.

Being perfectly honest, the only thing between our football club and extinction is John Boyle. Boyle made some major mistakes in the past but so far he has indicated a willingness to at least try and put things right. He knows he will never see most of the money he invested and he has nothing to gain by allowing us to die. The question that remains on the lips of every Motherwell fan is now why is he not taking us out of administration during the stability of the close season? We might not be in danger just now – but until Bryan Jackson is drawing his fees from another failed enterprise, we can never be totally safe.