Lapping highlights the main issue

Last updated : 18 June 2012 By Firparkcorner

In a letter to The Herald over the weekend he pointed out that any punishment meted out to Rangers would be temporary but voting reform would bring lasting benefits to all.  The time to deny the Old Firm a veto on vital matters is surely over.

Andrew_Lapping"Rangers' inevitable demise has given the game a real chance to cure its ills, most importantly to reintroduce true competition to the SPL," the letter reads,  "The SPL should seize the opportunity to change its voting structure such that decisions are made by the majority not the minority. On football grounds alone, Rangers need to be punished for their arrogance, tax evasion and downright bullying – the punishment will only be temporary but the real opportunity is for a change in voting rights to facilitate wholesale reform for the good of the game. This may be tough on both Celtic and newco Rangers, but most supporters will welcome a more level playing field.”

"Competition will raise standards, increase interest from passive supporters and ultimately see a redistribution of income across a wider number of clubs. The catalyst is an immediate change in the voting system, to be followed by a root and branch review in the knowledge that the conclusions can be implemented."

Lapping’s opinion is not (yet) the official policy of Motherwell FC but there’s no doubt that it accords with the wishes of ‘Well fans.  It would be no surprise if the club takes his views onboard following the promised consultation with stakeholders.

Arguments about the concerns of the satellite broadcasters are not relevant to this concern and it surely has to be the minimum goal for the betterment of the game.