Make your mind up time

Last updated : 12 June 2012 By Firparkcorner

Our board has kept a low profile as the saga at Ibrox rumbled on and fans have only a short holding statement on the official website as an indication of the club’s attitude.  The position, as stated, is “To date we have seen no proposals to transfer a share in the SPL to aNewco” and have therefore made no decision on how we would vote if such a scenario did arise.”

MFC_boardThree of the decision makers

The statement then says “We do not believe we can separate the sporting integrity of our league from the sustainable future of our club”.  Surely a steer to the view that any NewCo must start at the bottom of the pyramid?

But the key comes in the last paragraph, “In the event that a “Newco” proposal is presented to us, we intend to fully discuss with representatives of our supporters groups, prior to making any decision.”  Has any fan group, from any club, taken a position other than one that sees a NewCo starting life in SFL Division 3?

Regardless of the SPL’s decision on any application, the ‘SPL rebels’ must ensure that they seize the prize of removing the undemocratic 10-2 voting requirement.  Any penalties imposed on a NewCo – and for that matter the starting position given to a NewCo – will have a relatively short shelf life. 

Four years from now Rangers will be in the SPL and eligible for European competition.  If the non-Glasgow teams have not been able to rest voting control away from a two team veto then a great opportunity will have been missed.

The SPL may have to make a hasty decision on a NewCo proposal (though a 14 day notice of motion may apply).  Let the consultations with Motherwell fans begin.


Update...the club has released a further statement that reaffirms the earlier position.... “We will consult our members, shareholders and fans before taking a decision on what our position should be."