Mark O'Hara likely to sign Motherwell deal

Last updated : 14 April 2020 By John Wilson

Peterborough United director of football, Barry Fry, says that a deal with Motherwell has been agreed in principle for Mark O’Hara.

A report in the Peterborough Telegraph quotes Fry, “We have agreed a deal in principle with Motherwell for Mark’s transfer. It’s not a done deal yet because Scottish football is a bit confusing right now, but I expect it to happen.

Motherwell seem happy with Mark and he’s not likely to get a chance with us so it’s a good move for him.”

Mark has made 20 appearances in claret and amber in this interrupted season and has a couple of goals to his credit.  He has fitted well into the team and there is no doubt that he will be a good addition to the squad.

The report suggests that the move will recompense Peterborough for the “small fee” they paid to Dundee for his move south in August 2018.