McCormack To Escape Dark Side

Last updated : 10 July 2006 By Firparkcorner

This is definitely a good move on paper but we need to be patient with Ross. He is still a young player at 19 and obviously having played with an Old Firm side he is a bit less experienced than the average Motherwell 19 year old. Other highly rated players have left the Glasgow duo and sunk without trace and it is probably especially difficult for a striker to establish a place in a side. So much of their game depends on confidence and it is a big jump from scoring for Rangers reserves to sitting on the bench at Fir Park and struggling in occasional outings. Mark Burchill took years to develop into a slightly above average striker while David Graham is a Dunfermline signing from Rangers who seemed to fall off the planet until emerging in the 2006 cup final with Second Division Gretna.

Good time to score
Nonetheless, McCormack does seem to be a player of some potential. He has looked solid in his limited showings and scored a few goals. Remarkably, when Alex McLeish desperately needed a goal for Rangers away to Porto in the Champions League it was Ross he turned to and the substitute delivered, scoring from close range.

Given that our side has some notable pieces missing and our budget is, as ever, limited, it is an interesting move from Malpas to sign a striker. We now have McCormack, McDonald, Hamilton, Clarkson and McGarry to choose from up front – a full compliment by any standard. Is it time up for Clarkson or has McDonald's big mouth succeeded in talking his way out the door? At 19 and leaving Rangers, Ross McCormack must surely be looking to be involved in the first team and soon even if everyone may have to show patience in waiting for the results.

Ross will presumably be in the squad for the trip to Ross County – we wish him luck and wouldn't it be sweet if his first goal comes on his debut against his former club at the end of July!