McLeish shows the way forward

Last updated : 16 December 2010 By Firparkcorner

mcleish_coverPart one concentrated on the development of Youth Football but this section looks at the professional league structure together with the roles of the SFA, SFL and SPL and the structures and organisation behind them. 

He makes it clear that sectional and constituency interests have to come second to the priority of building a competitive edge to club and international football, and that the present system has to change.

The main recommendations are as follows

One Football League Structure

The SPL and the SFL should combine and he offers two models.   The SPL’s proposals earlier this week seem to be in line with one of McLeish’s suggestions.  The other involves a 14 team SPL.  Both include Colt teams.

A pyramid structure should be introduced to include the professional leagues with Highland, South and East of Scotland leagues and the Juniors.

Regionalisation is supported as is a winter break and a July start to the Premier league.


Sweeping changes are suggested including a smaller board that includes 2 independents directors, an enlarged Council and the removal of the 9 standing committees. 

Recognition is made of the need for fan involvement and there should be a place for their representation within the structure.

A full analysis will take some time but he makes the point that the current decision makers have to make some decisions and -

If they do nothing they have to face the consequences

If they cherry pick suggestions they miss an opportunity for significant improvement

They should embrace the need for change with enthusiasm and commitment and return Scottish football to its rightful place.


The full report can be read here.