Motherwell Chairman Asks For Clarity

Last updated : 04 April 2020 By John Wilson

Motherwell's chairman, Jim McMahon, has made a plea for clarity from the football authorities to enable the club to plan for the future.

C:WindowsTempphp8484.tmpHe pointed out that the club faces the uncertainty that lies ahead in a relatively strong position but suggested that the strength of the Motherwell community would be needed to navigate through the threat.

In a statement released on the club website the chairman stressed that "the safety of all our people is an absolute priority".

Next follows the job of ensuring the survival and long-term health of the club.  All possible funding packages are being examined and there is no immediate shortage of cash.  The chairman thanks those who are donating to the Well Society.  (You can donate/join here).

"What we need most just now is clarity from the football authorities. With some certainty about how this and next season will look, we can plan and take the necessary actions."

McMahon finished the statement with the assurance that "We will come through this. Whatever has to happen, we will make happen with the long-term future of our community in mind and our club at its heart."

The full text of the statement is on the MFC website.