Motherwell Cut Prices for the Aberdeen Game

Last updated : 18 January 2007 By Firparkcorner

The club has announced that prices will be reduced by £5 in the hope that both sets of fans will be able to turn up in numbers. The Supporters' Trust and the Supporters' Association have welcomed the move and have comments reported on the official site.

It would be good to see this again on Saturday!

It seems that football throughout the UK is in danger of pricing itself into oblivion. True fans are being fleeced week in and week out while increasing numbers choose to watch from their armchairs. Economies can be found by those who can afford the investment in a season ticket but the pay at the gate price, especially for ‘away' fans, does nothing to encourage attendance.

Motherwell are as guilty as the rest given that our standard price for the South Stand is £20. Fans of the Old Firm are given a £4 penalty and expected to cough up £24. Is it any wonder that attendances, particularly for televised games, often fall well below expectations?

The economics of football seem baffling. How can it be that £20 (or more) can be the price of entry for a run of the mill SPL match yet the citizens of Berlin can have a seat for Hertha v Bayern Munich for 14 euros (less that £10) and that includes free city wide transport to and from the stadium?

While this week's price cut will generate some extra clicks at the turnstiles there is little prospect of any long term benefit. An agreement from all the SPL clubs to redirect some part of their TV income to reduce entry prices might be the way to bring fans back to the game.

As to the bizarre circumstances surrounding the visit of Aberdeen and the unseemly squabble about the dates at least has resulted in a wee bonus for those fans who choose to brave the elements and make their way to Fir Park. Let's hope that enough turn up to cover the cost of the reduction – may it be the first of many!

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