Motherwell fans angered by racist charge

Last updated : 04 November 2008 By Firparkcorner

Well fans reading reports in several papers were bewildered at the bizarre notion of Scottish supporters taunting a Scottish player about not playing for Scotland, being branded racist.

No one would dispute James McCarthy is well within his rights to play for Ireland but football fans have always been quick to jump on a chance to goad the opposition. A high-profile footballing decision like this leaves him perfectly open to ridicule but to equate it to racism is simply idiotic.

If Jim O'Brien or Brian McLean were to be on the receiving end for similar decisions, neither they nor Motherwell fans would be particularly offended.

Maybe the reporters were genuinely upset by what they say happened at Fir Park? In which case, one wonders how they manage to keep quiet every time they are sent to watch Rangers or Celtic.

Football, even in its modern form, exists because of paying punters. At times they are rough and coarse, but they remain the life blood of the game. Perhaps, from their view at the back the stand with complimentary tickets and freebie refreshments they would do well to remember that rather than insult the people who effectively keep then in work.