Motherwell hand vote power to Society

Last updated : 21 June 2012 By Firparkcorner

The board has announced in an official site statement that it will hand the decision on the Rangers Newco over to the fans.  Adult members of the Well Society and minor shareholders in the club who have not yet joined will be balloted and after results are (independently) audited the club will vote accordingly at the SPL meeting on July 4.

Well_SocietyWe can only praise the board for making this decision and as stated, it definitely follows the spirit of the Well Society.  The fans will, almost certainly, vote no to the newco but it means that they will have no cause for complaint should our budget be cut, perhaps drastically at short notice.

But the fans collectively making the decision can only be a good thing.  The club will supply data described as 'neutral' to help make the decision more informed but judging by the reaction across message boards, most fans have already made up their minds.

What comes next is hard to tell.  There will almost certainly be more campaigns to raise money from the fans to help meet the shortfall but we can be hugely proud of the club in taking such a decisive step.  

We live in interesting times!

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