Motherwell Online - a Review

Last updated : 19 October 2004 By Firparkcorner

Having been reassured by a couple of the SCN demos from their website, I

decided to take the match live for GBP 6 (highlights and 'on demand' packages are also available). On the morning of the game SCN e-mailed me a web link and password, and the set up (for a non technical expert) was

fairly easy (all I had to do was download the latest version of Media Player

from the Microsoft website).

The screen size is about 8" x 5" and the quality of the picture was

perfectly watchable... a wee bit pixelated, a little slow to catch up with

the action on the close up shots in particular, and occasionally there were

screen 'freezes'. The sound quality was fairly crisp. It's the Setanta

coverage that you get, with Jock Brown and Mark Hateley commentating.

All in all, I'd thoroughly recommend it to any exiled 'Well fans. I'd be

perfectly happy to pay (say) 20 quid a month to see all the games live.

Over the years things have moved on from... phoning home to get the

results... live internet coverage with Radio Scotland... and now the

pictures via the internet. Technological progress is great as far as I'm


Only problem was the result. Thought we played well, and were a bit

unfortunate. They took their chances, we didn't. I only get to see the odd

match, and I was very encouraged by the composure, fight and confidence we showed. Can't remember the last time I was so up-beat after a defeat (maybe Dortmund?). And tell me, why is the Kaiser not in the Scotland squad? McBride looks a great signing (can we keep him?) and McDonald too looks very confident.