Next Issue of One Step Beyond

Last updated : 08 December 2003 By Matt Johnstone

It would be nice to say the 'zine has been undergoing substantial changes but it hasn't, same old rubbish from the same old eejits imposing their views on any old nonsense they see fit.

And would you want it any other way? "If it ain't broke don't fix it" says Heid Sherang Mr Mj.

The Editor has dredged up a couple of new characters to further confuse his audience, Wayne Kerr makes his debut with an exclusive on the driving force behind the last gasp equaliser against Dunfermline recently. Another new feature, Fred's Bint's Tomes, bears no relation to any relevant subject matter, Motherwell or otherwise but somehow it fits nicely into the OSB portfolio.

Old faithfuls are well represented of course, General Football's original musings from the much postponed planned date of issue are still there, mainly because the Ed predicted/guessed something right for a change and was upset that issue 57's postponement back in September lost him his moment of glory.

Details of the upcoming 10th Anniversary party are included for anyone with a penchant for The Slosh and The Hucklebuck, as well as a bit of skanking, TV star Yir brags in a nice way about his recent appearance on Sky Sports, much is made of Motherwell's recent good away results althoughtrue to form, the side rendered that useless with a similar display at Killie. Go With The Flow, another debutant, makes an interesting point about....oh, I've forgot. Never mind, you can read it for yourself during the Hibs game although it would be better if you didn't as that might mean the team are putting on a performance.

Finally a mention for Mj's book Joe Wark Knew My Father Tae. At long last it's available in the club shop which will hopefully turn it into profit making by the end of the Christmas season. It's been a long time getting there but things are starting to move in the right direction on that score so if you've not got it yet, stick it on your Santa list and don't go lending it out, that's what libraries are for.

Merry Christmas to all non-PC ppl out there. Happy Holidays if you are that way inclined, another bugbear of the team, political correctness, stick it up yer jacksie!