Next OSB on Sale on Saturday

Last updated : 26 January 2004 By Matt J

After being away for 4 months before he last issue the boys involved in OSB have a lot of ground to make up and they start his weekend with another issue only a matter of weeks after the ill fated issue 57 appeared.

To be frank this was rather easy to compile, the turnaround in fortunes after a sticky spell saw the OSBers champing at he bit to get their views down on paper again. There was also the over the top policing at Perth to rant about and the renewed hype about Casuals in our midst obviously warrants a mention.

Guest contributors continue to surface, this time it's nice to see a professional in action, an Everton fan who has had numerous pieces published in magazines on the subject of football, fans and culture. He was actually discovered on a website forum, noticed for his witty repartee and invited to submit an article for some trendy Lads mag. 'Well fans will, I'm sure, enjoy his tale of his first visit to Motherwell last season for the Aberdeen game where he was to make his first acquaintance with the boy McFadden.

Aside from that impressive debut, Geoff Baby's going mental reading through old issues to find interesting snippets for he 10th anniversary celebrations, Mj dug out one particular article which has been requested many a time, the Old Firms' Top Ten lowest crowds. This is a perfect source of banter to hit Old Firm fans with regularly. Fair shuts them up. I'll be honest, I had many geezers coming to me when they were first published to say how much joy they took from the sound of silence from workmates once they had quoted from the bible of dosserdom.

Usual 40 pages laced with a mixture of nonsense, rants, and general unpleasantness towards Rangers & Celtic, a must or any 'Well fan with a bee in their bunnet.