One Step Beyond #88

Last updated : 28 October 2009 By Mj

" Oh, it's crying time again you're going to leave us" goes the song but the only crying you'll be doing on Saturday hopefully is the thought of no more absolute quality OSB banter until the New Year. Yes the final issue of 2009 is on sale at the Hearts game with a plentiful supply of chuckles and muckle great opinions on the current state of affairs 'up by' and beyond.

In this issue of the greatest Motherwell fanzine named after a Madness song.....ever, we looked to produce a 'zine that ticks all the boxes so we created a checklist;

Let's be controversial and feature the recently released 'hooligan' films - check

Let's poke fun at the Old Firm - check

Let's fill some pages up with absolute tosh - check.

Above all let's give a platform to genuine Well fans to get their point of view in print and provide other fans with the finest bog read you're likely to find this side of the River Clyde - check, check and triplecheck.

One thing lacking might be some new names on the contributors list but that's up to you. The current crop continue to produce some quality material on a regular basis, if you think you can improve on it then sign up and join the crew.

Stay happy