One Step Beyond on Saturday

Last updated : 08 August 2006 By MJ

A vast array of subjects to moan the face off anyone about but, hopefully you'll agree, done in a thoroughly tasteless manner so that everyone is equally offended.

I've decided I'm falling out of love with football as a whole, only Motherwell and Well Trust FC hold my interest any more. The rest of it can go jump, commercialised nonsense and getting worse. Motherwell are teetering on the brink, do they go for broke and leave fans like me behind or do they stick to their community ideal? The weights favour finance to be honest. I fear being priced out completely in the next few years. I only hope the suits they bring in to replace me like it enough to commit themselves fully.

But there is just that slight chance that our board will pull back from the brink and realise our fans are the lifeblood and will stick by the club no matter what, unlike some fly by night investor only interested in the new in thing to entertain his clients.

This dilemma and more discussed in issue 73 of the best Motherwell fanzine named after a Madness song.........ever!