One Step Beyond Out on Saturday

Last updated : 28 October 2004 By Matt Johnstone

It's been on of those difficult issues to finish, partly because when the team's doing well no-one has any moans and partly because three or four of the regulars couldn't produce for various reasons. But we got there in the end, even though you're gonnae be subjected to mair of my drivel than usual.

Maybe it was a bad idea to bring this issue forward, I had all the guys geared towards the Dundee game in a couple of weeks but felt because the Shellic game stayed at 3pm on a Saturday for a change I'd take advantage of it.

You'll get my lowdown on such a wide range of topics as the recent overzealous stewarding at our games (Mr Yir put this into my head when he mentioned it in his own column), how Carol Bluddy Thatcher looks very like Jimmy Saville (nothing to do with Motherwell but worthy of mention in the absence of other relevant issues), the New Year's day switch, Berti (of course he may be out of a job by the time you read it but that's a fanine editors lot unfortunately), the adventures of WTFC, the accuracy of ICT's attendance figures, TV fitba' (aye again), changing fashions of fitba' kits, Big Eck's transfer kitty, and a wee look back at some OSB regulars Fan Files as shown in the programme back in 93/4 time (some right dodgy pics there.)

Everything else is just a spacefiller.