OSB 61 Out on Saturday

Last updated : 25 August 2004 By Firparkcorner
Never say OSB fails to ask the big questions on everyone's lips. This
first issue contains the burning issue, why can't you find cheesebread at
Asda for all the varieties of garlic bread? Are we being taken over by Frenchies or have our taste buds been totally wasted by decades of curry so that we don't even realise how disgusting garlic really is?

This and much more in the all new One Step Beyond, which hasn't changed at all in fact, just sounds like a nifty slogan for the new season.

Our new columnist Claret the bear reports on FPC FC's trip to Leeds, Mj announces the arrival of the Well Trust FC team, just for balance you understand (nothing to do with the fact I'm player/manager or nowt) and erm......Motherwell FC get a couple of mentions an a'.

Keef's annual predictions are in there beside the regular pices of tat from Brainier, Pj, Fatcalf, Yabba's Turd, Giggsy & Yir Elder, a heady mixture of tosh, posh & The Slosh from Mj's 40th bash. Not quite what you'd expect from a 'Well fanzine possibly, then again others will argue it's
exactly what you'd expect from the lads.

Check it out at the Hearts game this week, usual spots for the usual faces.

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