Pearson - Better off without him?

Last updated : 20 July 2003 By Firparkcorner

We have known for months that Leicester have been on the trail of Pearo. In early June Stephen was quoted as saying, “It's great to be linked with a Premiership club and I'm discussing the matter with my agent. Every player wants to better himself and you know that in the Premiership the quality is higher and you'll be learning every day.”

Pearo has played sixty nine senior games since making his debut three seasons ago. He has made five appearances for the Scotland U21 team and he is an established member of our midfield. His direct running and link up play with Hammell and McFadden on the left side of the team ensure his place in the starting eleven.

Many fans have expressed their concerns about his decision to ask for a move. Many of the views on the FPC messageboard speak of a fear for his future. Some examples,

“I  fear that appointing a new agent may be the worst mistake Pearson ever makes. He is way short of Premiership status and should have been content to stay a FP for at least another year.”

“He's clearly nowhere near ready for that. As well as not playing first team football at his age, when he could be getting it here, is completely stupid.”

“It's a shame he can't see past the pound signs and realise that he is putting his entire career in jeopardy but in the end it's his decision. Good luck to him, it may work out for him but more than likely he'll end up an other Chris Hay or Derek Lilley.”

On the other hand the youngster has decided that his future lies elsewhere. And he will be a free agent at the end of the season. So,

All the best to the lad if he wants to go let him.” and

Motherwell is a team where we need everyone to play for each other. If Pearo carries on playing the way he did yesterday as if he really didn't want to be there, then let him go now before he grows to hate the club and his performance just gets worse.

Let’s hope that Butcher’s faxes to the top English clubs can encourage a realistic offer, in his words “sooner rather than later”.