Pearson Goes - At Last!

Last updated : 07 January 2004 By Firparkcorner

More important is the realisation that we can look to the next batch of up and coming youngsters and enjoy their development. Clarkson and Quinn, as examples, will give the Fir Park faithful a few years of entertainment before they move on, as surely they will.

In the meantime we seem to have a few quid in the coffers. One possibility is the ‘Pearo underground heating system’! More likely is the ability to keep the club on an even financial keel for a few years. When we are released from administration the club will have a balance sheet with no debt. The buffer arising from this windfall should ensure that the club stays in a stable state for some time.

Bill Dickie said in a press release, "We have very reluctantly accepted an offer of £350,000. Initially, Celtic offered £250,000 but that was wholly unacceptable. Although the offer was increased we still feel it is substantially below the true value of the player and we were perfectly prepared to leave the matter to a tribunal.

"However, after extensive discussions with Terry Butcher it became clear he did not have any confidence in Stephen Pearson being ready and willing to meet the challenges that will lie ahead at
Fir Park until the end of the season. In view of that it was agreed it was in the best interests of Motherwell to sell the player to Celtic."

All the best Pearo – it was a pleasure to see you develop and win national recognition.