Preview - Aberdeen (h)

Last updated : 10 August 2006 By Firparkcorner

But is that bad? We have been woefully poor in our first two games so perhaps a change will do us some good. And when you look at the changes, player by player, it is easy to make a case that we will actually improve. Foran's absence will mean that Paterson can step up to his natural slot on the left wing and we can play a natural, Reynolds, as full back. Donnelly's injury is a blow, true enough, but while he may have some potential, replacing one untried kid with another is not a total disaster. Willie Kinniburgh came in and had a blinding debut, there is no reason why Willie Soutar could not do the same.

A steamy Fir Par

The midfield has been non-existent so far and if O'Donnell is injured this may help us introduce some much needed pace and energy. Ideally Fitzpatrick will be given a chance although Malpas may prefer to play it safe and give Fagan the job. Either way, with O'Donnell's current form and legs being what they are, it is not an automatic downgrade. Similarly with Hamilton, his replacement will certainly be Scott McDonald and this will give Skippy a chance to redeem himself. What's more the absence of Hamilton up front may even stop us launching sixty-yard punts when we get the ball in defence.

Of course we have problems, but with no new signings does anyone really think that last week's team would have been able to beat Aberdeen? We have the chance to freshen things up with some hungry and enthusiastic kids and let's remember that Aberdeen are far from firing on all cylinders themselves. Unfortunately the feeling exists that while this may be a better performance we're still a week or two away from being solid enough at the back to start winning games. There will be some hope come 5pm on Saturday but no points – ‘Well 0-1 Dons.