Reserve Game Washout?

Last updated : 10 August 2004 By Firparkcorner

The park has yet to be lined and as it has to be dry before this can happen it looks like the referee will have no option but to cancel the game on Wednesday morning.

The pitch in the dry!

A postponement seems like a sensible precaution in order to protect the newly laid pitch for the SPL game on Saturday. The torrential rain in the West of Scotland in the last few days has left the new surface vulnerable. The pitch would almost certainly have cut up badly as the reserves’ studs dug in.

This would have been the first competitive event on the new surface and a number of ‘Well fans were keen to see the encounter.

There has to be some concern about the suitability of the surface for Saturday’s game at Fir Park. All of the SPL groundsmen will be hoping for a stop to the rain otherwise there may be a curtailed programme at the weekend.