Terry talks to the Association

Last updated : 03 October 2003 By Firparkcorner

About thirty-five or so Motherwell fans were there to see Terry in a rather relaxed and good-hearted, humoured event. Terry was very honest in his answers and took all questions. It was refreshing to see a Motherwell manager talk from the heart, and talk passionately about the club. A few things had to be left of this list

Highlights of the answers:

§ He explained that Stephen Pearson has been given his first international chance at senior level, as he is placed in the future squad to face Germany on the 21st of October. Nice birthday present for him… Happy Birthday Pearo!!!

§ He confirmed that Phil O’Donnell IS training at Fir Park, but is trying to get fit. Terry is un-sure wither it will lead to anything more permanent. If it does however, it will be on a pay-as-you-play deal only!

§ He signed Jason Dair as a versatile player, but admits his best position is in the centre of midfield. But is happy to play either left or right.

§ Motherwell FC was the only club in the SPL to vote against the plastic pitch at Dunfermline. Terry doesn’t agree with it. He confirmed that four teams abstained, and the rest voted for. Interestingly enough… Partick Thistle were one of the teams that voted FOR the new pitch.

§ He apologised to the fans present about the Forfar debacle, and couldn’t believe it happened. But remained positive about the reaction he got from the players on Saturday.

§ Terry said that he will stick to a stringent 4-4-2 formation. He says that at every level of football at Fir Park that formation is played. He believes that to be the formation which allows the team to play against opposition formations more easily.

§ Rather worryingly, nine out of the eleven players that started on Saturday are out of contract at the end of the season. He confirmed that the club are in talks with these players, and are close to sealing deals with most.

§ He stated that his own contract runs out in 2005, and really loves it at Fir Park. He said that he wished he had started his managerial career at Motherwell.

§ Believes that his team are far better equipped to take on the SPL. His team are a year more experienced, and are not intimidated by anyone at all.

§ Toastie is expected back within three to four weeks, everything going well. David Cowan is doing really well, and is ahead of schedule as far as returning to training is concerned.

§ A few names were brought up in terms of possible targets. He did want Brian Kerr, but at the time, finances dictated that the move couldn’t happen. Apparently, the person most disappointed was Motherwell fan, Brian Kerr himself. After his radio interview on talk sport last night, Stan Collymore’s name was brought up. Terry indicated that he wouldn’t be interested in signing him. He has stated that there will be no more signings until the Transfer window re-opens, as there is literally no money in the current budget. Even for free-transfers.

§ He confirmed that the add –on-fee to Motherwell from the James McFadden transfer is 12.5% depending on how much the future transfer is. He said the Everton offered them two players on loan, but Motherwell were too late as they missed the SFA 12 o’clock deadline, despite Terry Butcher’s pleas to them. He hopes to go back in January and see what Everton have to say. He told some great stories about Faddy… One being at the start of last season, they (the team) had a wee anonymous poll amongst players to see where they thought they would finish. The general consensus was roughly 8th or 9th. Faddy wrote second... and even signed the paper. Apparently McFadden wants to return for the annual quiz night, to defend his crown of been the quiz champion at Fir Park!!!

§ Terry explained to those present, about the way he is trying to get the team to play. His philosophy of the game. Passing, position etc. He still goes by the wee rule that Bobby Robson taught him… “If you’re in possession, you can be out of position, but when you’re out of possession, you must be in position”.

§ He confirmed that Scott Leitch, Stephen Pearson and Jason Dair are all carrying niggling injuries of the shoulder, heel and groin respectively. They are all fit for Saturday though.

§ Finally, he said that the decision to not do the huddle at the start of the game was the player’s choice. He admitted that it was done for the fans benefit, as to show that the players were united. A physcological thing, like the New Zealand Haka. He laughed of suggestions, that for a joke, we should do a haka round the centre circle at the up-and-coming Rangers game on BBC.