The end of the beginning

Last updated : 26 June 2012 By Firparkcorner

Under normal circumstances we would assume that the public statements of half a dozen clubs a week ahead of a crucial SPL vote would be a guarantee of a clear decision.    The only lesson we have learned since the Valentine’s Day administration of Rangers is that this tale has more twists and turns than a roller coaster.    But let’s take a risk and try to foresee the top flight without Ibrox on the rota.

no_beach_ballThe baw's burst

On the plus side we’ll not have to endure the inevitable expensive and unpleasant visit to Castle Grayskull.  No more view from the south west corner of the Govan stand – not that we’ll miss the friendly welcome from the police and stewards(!)  And, given our desperate record against the light blues it is certain that we’ll enjoy a higher return from their replacements.

If the rushed plans for the reconstruction of the Scottish game fail to materialise in the next month then we’ll have to find a team to fill the gap.  Whether Dunfermline or Dundee get the nod we’ll at least have a competitive match for entertainment.

As far as an effect on attendance is concerned, we are scheduled to meet Club12 only once at Fir Park before the split and given the SPL’s frequent problems balancing the post-split fixtures there is no guarantee that a second visit would have happened. 

It will be interesting to hear our manager’s thoughts on the developments that took place while he enjoyed a well earned holiday.  Since he made the ill-judged "Without Rangers the league would be knackered" comment his former team has been though the mill and he’ll have to adjust to a reality that seemed unlikely a couple of months ago.

If no revision of the SPL's finances takes place then the substantial prize for second place will become open to real competition.  Whether Motherwell can sustain the great form that led us to third last season is unknown but there is bound to be an interesting race ahead.

No one knows how this saga will end.  All that is certain is that the roller coaster ride has a few more unexpected twists and turns ahead.