Undersoil Pipes in Place

Last updated : 29 January 2005 By Firparkcorner

The last week has seen a lot of activity. Approximately fifteen miles of tubing has been buried ten inches below the surface.

The pipes appear at the Cooper end.

The network of pipes will be connected to a boiler and pump underneath the South Stand. In effect the system will be similar to a huge water filled radiator and protection for the worst of Scottish winters will be ensured.

In front of the South stand.

The pitch has undergone a couple of decompaction processes to allow water to reach the existing drains. Pitch irrigation has been improved and half a dozen pop-ups are now in place around the centre of the pitch to supplement the sprinklers around the perimeter.

The tubing is pulled under the topsoil.

In the next week or two Inturf will deliver and lay the pitch. The grass will be well watered and within weeks the root system will begin to bind the turf to the prepared surface.

The tractor pulls away.

The well known slope has survived all the upheaval and it looks like being a permanent fixture at Fir Park.

Filling the South Stand trench..

(Thanks to Ken Davies for most of the pictures)