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Last updated : 08 October 2004 By Firparkcorner

The live online broadcast by the Sports Cast Network is subject to a blackout in Britain so it is only those overseas who will be able to pay £6 to watch the match as it happens. The official site reveals that viewers will pay £3 for the highlights package which is available for up to thirty days after the game.

However, it should be acknowledged that this enterprise will not really be aimed at Motherwell fans. No doubt the few Dossers who have taken up residence in various parts of the world will be intrigued by the prospect of live footie from Fir Park but it is really the Old Firm supporters in North America, Hong Kong etc who are the target market for this enterprise.

The club will no doubt be picking up some kind of fee for allowing the broadcast to go ahead and in future this could be another useful way of exploiting the fan base of the Old Firm. Since the broadcast is only available to those overseas, it will not impact on the already declining crowds Rangers and Celtic bring to Fir Park.

Broadband internet is needed if you want to take advantage of the Sports Cast Network broadcast and more information is available here.