WellTrust and Dee4Life to Share Ideas

Last updated : 09 February 2004 By Firparkcorner

‘Well fans were most grateful for the help given by Dundee in assisting in the arrangement of the Chievo friendly shortly after Motherwell entered interim administration.

When Dens Parkers faced similar problems earlier this season members of the WellTrust contacted representatives of Dundee fans and offered to support the emerging Dee4Life campaign.

MFC have played their part too and are to be thanked for donating a box in the Cooper Stand to allow us to entertain the guests.

As financial difficulties spread through Scottish football it is becoming clear that the role to be played by fans and communities in supporting local teams will become increasingly important. All the more reason that fans should share ideas.

'Well fans are reminded of the Trust meeting on Thursday night.  Details at the link below.