Would we miss them?

Last updated : 22 April 2009 By Firparkcorner

His suggestion about changing the structure the Premier League might have some merit but the notion of inviting our friends from Glasgow seems like nothing more than a headline grabbing exercise.

Our chairman was drawn into the resulting debate and he made a few interesting points.

"This is a much more serious threat to the fabric of Scottish football than the Olympic Team GB ever is", he said. And he was quite right. If the proposal was to turn into reality then a British league would be created and that would have serious long term implications for the national team. As ever, most of the chatter has concentrated on the ambitions of Rangers and Celtic rather than the fallout for the rest of us.

Boyle's next thought was, "If we're talking about clubs going into English football, Motherwell might apply to be in the second division".

While the prospect of, say, Bristol Rovers v Motherwell or Leeds visiting Fir Park might provide a diversion from yet another humdrum encounter with Falkirk it will remain the realm of a fantasy league.

No doubt the notion will be resurrected at some time in the future but it will still merely suggest the start of another Silly Season.