103rd AGM report

Last updated : 18 March 2009 By Firparkcorner

As ever, the formalities were quickly completed and most of the evening was devoted to an informal discussion with the board and the manager.

It was pointed out that last season's successes meant that player bonuses were relatively high and taken together with the higher wages needed to attract better players the salary bill was up by around £1m. That expense was balanced by income from transfers; notably McDonald, McCormack and a sell-on fee for Lee McCulloch.

John Boyle let it be known that there was no chance of a move from Fir Park in the next five to ten years. The club are still in discussions with the local authority and it may be that training facilities in the Ravenscraig area might become available some time in the future.

We are to spend around £250,000 digging up the pitch in the close season. It seems that the covers and hot air balloon have contributed to the poor surface by drying the soil too much. The new surface will be grown from seed rather than imported turf.

The chairman apologised for the ticketing arrangements for the Nancy games and the subsequent pricing initiative. Lessons would be learned and consultation would take place with supporters in future. Online payment mechanisms would be in place for season tickets.

Questions were asked about the police decision to close roads around the stadium. Several issues were mentioned including the delay in releasing cars from the official car parks, delays of 30 minutes were mentioned. The matter is the subject of ongoing discussions with the police. The PA system will not be renewed.

Mark McGhee had his share of questions concerning the football side of the club. Of note was the praise heaped on Paul Quinn who he rates highly. He hopes to persuade key players to remain at the club. The importance he places on this week's game at Kilmarnock is reflected in the decision to take the team for an overnight stay on Friday to ensure best preparation.