FPC Prediction League 2008/9 review

Last updated : 26 May 2009 By Firparkcorner

Motherwell's inconsistency makes the prediction league on this site tough to crack. One point from twelve against Kilmarnock in eighth but seven from nine against Dundee United in fourth is not normal unless you're Motherwell.

With that backdrop, congratulations need to go to this season's winners. It has been clear for several weeks that Handsome-Devil was going to win the competition this season and the final score of 153 is very impressive. Well-man has opened up a bit of a gap in second place since the split and another couple of points today ensured he stayed there with a total of 137.

Where the battle was going into today's game was for third. About seven people had a chance of it with megastar leading the way. Unfortunately he failed to score today while EddieSteelman was one of the day's top scorers with three points and last years' winner was in the prizes again.

On average the participants predicted in 35 games this season and finished on just below 99 points. We made a total of 1548 predictions this season and amassed 4319 points.

Whilst its nice to win the prizes this competition is all about a bit of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it again this year.

I need to thank Handsome-Devil and Ramage for their assistance when I was on holiday or under the cosh at work for doing results and setting up threads as they help make the competition run smoothly.

The final 2008/9 table is here.