Hard times ahead?

Last updated : 10 June 2009 By Firparkcorner

The last financial statement issued by Motherwell shows the following detail on the club's turnover.





Gate receipts



Television and radio



Other income





In 2007/8 we had a wonderful season and finished third in the league - income from TV and radio was 33% of the total. 2006/7 was under the control of Malpas and the corresponding proportion was 24%.

Hammell on TVAlthough Setanta is by far the major contributor to media income, a contribution comes from radio broadcasters, BBC TV (and now BBC Alba), and an income stream is also earned for rights to show games abroad and the SPL has just renewed its contract with Sportfive in a deal which will net £10M by 2014.

A new broadcaster is likely to fill the void if Setanta folds though any new agreement would not be as lucrative and clubs will feel the pinch. Motherwell are confident that the club would be able to survive a reduction in income although some cut backs would be inevitable.

Control of the bars has been taken back in house and Dougie Arnott has already been busy preparing for the season ahead. All income will now go directly to the club. The club is keen to make better use of the stadium's facilities and links with outside agencies are growing. It may be that there are fewer special offers with cut price entry to matches. Following our spell in administration we do not carry any significant debt and we are in a better position than most to survive Setanta's demise. Thankfully we are not in the position which existed when the $ky deal ended some years ago. Wage levels are now much more sensible and again we can see the sense of lving within our means.

As ever, the best way for fans to support the club is by buying season tickets. The club gets the cash up front and can plan ahead knowing that income is secure.