Hearts - 24h on

Last updated : 18 February 2019 By Firparkcorner

Another game, another win.  Fans from Motherwell and beyond have been taken aback by the transformation in playing style currently on display by the claret and amber clad team forcing its way up the table.

What a difference six games make. Or, more accurately, five games given the first of our winning streak against Hamilton occurred a few weeks BRC - before Ross County, as the turning point in our season is known.


Main and Hastie

Whether it is the utter helplessness of that performance which finally persuaded manager Stephen Robinson to change style no one really knows. We had, after all, briefly experimented with playing football early last November but quickly decided it wasn't for us.

This time it seems different although we all know our style could switch the second Jake Hastie and David Turnbull are sold.

But for now it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy. This doesn't happen often and if you can't relish a group of Motherwell-trained youngster tearing up the league there will never be enjoyment for you at Fir Park.

Next up is Celtic, at Parkhead.  A return to earth awaits - likely with a bump!

Motherwell's Emerging Stars Keep Winning