Llanelli -24h on

Last updated : 10 July 2009 By Firparkcorner

Right from the kick off it was clear that the players were in the mood. There were lots of passing movements and good use of wide players. Inviting crosses were delivered to dangerous areas in contrast to last week's shocking display in Airdrie. The fact that all three goals were headed into the net reinforces the good work of our wide players.

The fans report that a great time was had in Wales and the emerging tradition of marching to the away leg went without a hitch. The friendly atmosphere was helped by the cooperative spirit which saw both clubs assist in planning the day. A sensible policing strategy was also evident and all concerned are due a vote of thanks for a fine day in the Welsh sunshine.

And so to the second qualifying round. The club were quick to advise fans not make plans to travel to Albania and they point to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice in part justification. The official website also suggests that it will give ticket information, when available, to fans who still intend to make the journey.

It is inevitable that some fans will set out on the adventure. Anyone who happens to be in Corfu next week will have only a two mile ferry trip separating them from Albania. Several fans of Dundee have already been in touch with favourable reports of their trip in 2003.

But for most of us will have to wait until the second leg before we see the team called Flamurtari. If the players continue to make similar progress as they did over the last week then there might be plans made for another away leg march following the game in Airdrie on July 23.