Look out for One Step Beyond on Saturday

Last updated : 19 August 2009 By Mj

Not so long ago there was much muttering about the state of the squad post McGhee, especially when it took so long to appoint Jim Gannon meaning we were hopelessly unprepared for the first Europa Cup match. One blinder of a boozy away trip later and everything looked a bit better. Amazing what a drink can do to recover your senses.

Our pre-season campaign (for that was effectively what it was) turned out to be one of the most exciting in living memory, just think we could have been doing that every summer in the Intertoto if we had opted for it. Far better than watching Stranraer or Stenhousemuir or even a tippy tappy Southampton I think you'll agree.

Now the real stuff begins and we have different challenges ahead. Can the fans live up to their support of the new boss in the early part of his reign? Everyone has created a good first impression thus far, fans, new players, remaining players, boss, even John Boyle himself for that matter. He's come up trumps again on the evidence to date and I think the content in this issue, and hopefully beyond, will reflect that.

We have a new start here, everyone pulling together can make this season a truly memorable one. I hope we can build on that and avoid the them and us scenario which has annoyed the life out of me for years now. We're too small a club and community to harbour such attitudes, we need to stick together for it to work. Until now it seems Jim Gannon has had a galvanising effect on the fans, behind the scenes who knows what goes on but it's clear he makes the decisions and if those decisions get results for this club then no-one can call his policies into question. As always we live in hope.

For now though the guys will be selling OSB outside the ground from 2pm on Saturday, prices have been pegged again at £1, cheap at half the price and plenty reading for your money. Enjoy!

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