Motherwell still in the black

Last updated : 20 February 2009 By Firparkcorner

The routine business of the AGM holds little interest but the financial statement always makes fascinating reading.

The headline figure is the increase in profit from almost £7,000 in 2006/7 to more than £380,000 in 2007/8. It demonstrates what a third place finish in the SPL can do for the club finances.

Gate receipts increased by £350,000, but that sum is eclipsed by the TV and Radio income which jumped from £870,000 to £1.5 million and the new $etanta deal is likely to generate more in the years ahead. Transfer income was £1.3 million - mainly from McDonald and Paterson.

Another figure to catch the eye is the increase is the club's wage bill. It went up by 50% from £2M in 2006/7 to £3M in 2007/8. That is hardly a surprise there given the recent incomers to the club!

The fact that we have survived for another season in the black is very important. Those who can recall the horror of the day when the club announced that it was entering a period of interim administration will know the importance of us keeping our heads above water.