Motherwell's use of new technology

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Mike Donaldson needs to gather the opinions of a cross section of the Motherwell fan base in order that he can complete a Masters in Public Relations. Although the dissertation will consider the use of technology throughout Scottish football he intends to use Motherwell as a case study.

The questionnaire is presented below and readers are encouraged to complete and return it to Mike. Altenatively the questions can be downloaded in Word format (here)and sent to

In anticipation of your help - many thanks.

Questionnaire - Motherwell Football Club's PR

This questionnaire has been designed to contribute to research for a Public Relations Masters dissertation being conducted by Michael Donaldson at Queen Margaret University. The study discusses how new technology is being used by Scottish Football Clubs to communicate and engage with their stakeholders (i.e. supporters). Motherwell FC will form the case study for my research.

The questionnaire is voluntary and participants can decide not to take part in at any time. All the answers given will be used purely for my dissertation research and will not be passed on to any third parties.

Participants are asked to complete all questions, but are free to omit any answers they do not wish to complete. Please give as much detail as you can, as I am going to base the majority of my findings on information from supporters.

Thank-you for completing my questionnaire, your time and ideas are much appreciated.

Please return it to

Michael Donaldson

Email Address:
Question 1: If you want information about Motherwell FC where do you get it?
Question 2: How often do you seek information on Motherwell FC?
Question 3: Has the introduction of new technology, for example websites, made it easier for you to access information about Motherwell FC and if so in what way?
Question 4: What are the good and bad points of Motherwell FC's official website? (
Question 5: How could the official website be improved?
Question 6: What are the good and bad points about the unofficial websites such as
Question 7: How could the club do more to interact with supporters?
Question 8: On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate Motherwell FC's PR, and what could be done to improve it?
Question 9: Do you think the club communicates well with its supporters, and what else could they do to improve communication lines?
Question 10: What else could the club do to attract more supporters to its games?

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