MST Open Meeting

Last updated : 08 March 2009 By Firparkcorner

All sections of the support will be made more than welcome as the Trust moves to the next stage of developing a strategy to achieve its key aims in both the short and long term as well as attracting new members.

The purpose of the meeting is to hear direct from Motherwell fans about their views on how best the Trust's Aims can be addressed. This will allow the Trust to represent its members effectively and to exert meaningful influence on the Board of Motherwell Football Club. The Trust's Aims are summarised below along with bullet points outlining ways in which the Aims can be pursued.

The main aims of the Motherwell F.C Supporters Trust are

- to represent to Motherwell Football Club the views of Trust members on all matters affecting them;

- to purchase or negotiate the transfer to the Trust of shares in Motherwell Football Club with a view to achieving representation on the Board;

- to provide both financial and non-financial support to Motherwell Football Club;

- to contribute to the development of sustainable links between the Club and the wider local community; and

- to represent the views of the Trust's members in the wider football community.

These aims will be pursued by:-

- regularly seeking the views of members by clear communication methods and providing feedback to members;

- carrying out appropriate fundraising activities;

- setting out clear policies on how support will be provided to the Club;

- collaborating with the Youth Development Section of the Club in direct support of all of its activities; and through membership of Supporters Direct and any other related bodies through which the Trust can seek to influence the wider football community.

The Open Meeting will seek to encourage discussion on how the Trust can best achieve these aims and to discuss specifically the identification of strategies for developing action in the following areas:-

- sponsorship opportunities
- effective Fundraising
- refreshing the existing Supporters Charter
- participation in wider supporters issues through Supporters Direct

Whether you are a current or former member of the Trust or someone who has not until now been interested in becoming a member then we would encourage you to come to the Open Meeting and play a part in developing a sustainable Supporters Trust which reflects and represents the broad cross-section of Motherwell supporters.