One Step Beyond No. 86

Last updated : 29 March 2009 By Mj

As you'll imagine there is a good bit to feature with such a time between issues and the recent topics of discussion among fans have been covered fairly well by our team of contributors.

The successful On The Ball night hopefully marked a shift in focus from those 'up by' and John Boy remarked at the AGM that there may be changes in the treatment of fans. OSB has argued for a while that the club should look after the existing fans first so it's to be hoped that's what JB means.

There's a new silly named character in a long line of silly named characters to peruse among the regular throng. Basically why change a tried and tested format that much? We stick to what we do best for the most part, or until readers tell us they're tired of something. Your input is welcomed as always so I would hope for feedback rather than just a disappearing act. Kind of thing the club should have been doing for years eh?

It's your zine, get your feelings aired, frustrations vented, pipe dreams piped (?) basically get aff yir backsides and have your say.

And thanks for your patience by the way.