Possible law changes to be considered at IFAB meeting

Last updated : 12 February 2009 By Firparkcorner

The IFAB has representatives from each of the four home associations and FIFA. The voting rules are such that any changes to the laws need the approval of FIFA and of two of the home associations.

On the agenda for the meeting on February 28 are a number of proposals both for consideration and for decision.

The SFA propose that the number of allowed substitutions increase to 4 if a period of extra time is required. The argument in favour of the change is that it would "be of advantage to teams". No doubt the advantage would fall to those teams able to field an impressive bench of substitutes!

FIFA propose that the half-time interval "must not exceed 20 minutes". Competition rules must state the duration of the interval. The reason for this change is that "The location of the dressing rooms in certain stadiums around the world is such that the walk from and back to the field of play can take players and match officials much of the 15-minute half-time interval". Poor souls!

The cynical view might be that this would afford an extra five minutes advertising time for TV companies!

Discussions will also take place on the possible use of 'Sin Bins' following yellow cards, goal-line technology and players leaving the field of play after treatment.