Rangers - 24h on

Last updated : 20 December 2009 By Firparkcorner

Our recent form meant that few expected a win but the size of the defeat will test the resolve of both players and fans. The manager has a hell of a job ahead in the coming week. The team that he sends out to face St Johnstone on Boxing Day will have to receive a large dose of self confidence and believe that they are winners.

Jim Gannon said after the game, "I don't think there's an issue about tactics today, I think it's just about quality." Hmm. Some might argue that the tactics should be built around the strengths of the available players and given his opinion of our ability to pass, "It is maybe a malaise in British football that players can't seem to control or pass the ball 10-15 yards without giving the ball away consistently", he must know the risk of depending on the passing game.

The manager has been absolutely clear about the way he wants his team to play. Possession, passing, no careless fouls and acceptance the referee's decisions are the guiding principles. To that end he fields youngsters and has no difficulty in sidelining experienced players. Craigan, Lasley, and McGarry can vouch for that.

There will be a deal of tender loving care handed out in the next few days as heads are raised and confidence is rebuilt. After facing four teams from higher positions we welcome St Johnstone next week. A win against the Saints will have us back on track