The king is dead, long live the king

Last updated : 12 June 2009 By Firparkcorner
It has, for some time now, been inevitable Mark McGhee would leave and compensation being agreed with Aberdeen was just the final hurdle. We now have no manager, few players and a European tie coming up in a just a few weeks. John Boyle recently commented that the club would be covering all possibilities but his words carried on the official website today suggest we may need a temporary solution for the European games.

While it may be disappointing to go into our European tie below full strength, that is a much better solution that rushing an appointment and getting it wrong. It seems the link with Ian McCall was only in the head of his agent but no doubt other members of the usual suspects will throw their hats into the ring while, like McGhee, there will be an outsider or two in contention as well.

Mark McGhee's personality was a key factor in driving us to success in his first season and it must be remembered that while seventh this year was a disappointment, it is far from disastrous for a club our stature. However, there is also no doubt that his personality drove a wedge through the support between those who only wanted a good manager and those who found his public displays of ambition and affection for other clubs downright insulting. Mark McGhee deserves our thanks for finishing third - since the glory days of the 1950s, we have achieved that only four times - but the state he left the squad in when he departed is undeniably poor.

With the future not sorted for Graeme Smith, Stephen Hughes, Maros Klimpl or Brian McLean and David Clarkson attracting interest as well, the new manager will have his work cut out in developing our team.

Let us hope that John Boyle and the board make the right appointment and the fans unite in their support of the new man.