The search narrows

Last updated : 21 June 2009 By Firparkcorner

Out with the old....
The list of possibles which has been in circulation for the last few weeks has been narrowed to a manageable length and some reports now state that John Boyle has had talks with the leading contenders.

This week will see activity off the pitch that will match the great efforts made by our grounds staff and contractors over the last three weeks as they built the new surface which will be ready for the new season.

Players will return (though fewer in number than left in
May) and the routine of pre-season will begin. Captain Craigan will lead the troops until the new management team is installed. The Europa League draw will give the back office staff a challenge as they will have only ten days to make preparations for the first leg on July 2. If the home leg is first then arrangements have to be made with Airdrie United and a sale of tickets organised. That will be a dawdle compared to the horror of an away trip to the margins of Europe.

It is more than likely that a new manager will be in place around a week before the Europa League kick-off. The press have a list headed by Steve Staunton and Lawrie Sanchez though Niholt, Krivocapic and McAllister are still mentioned.

has not managed a club side and his short spell in charge of Ireland hardly provides a good reference. Sanchez on the other hand has far more experience. Over four years at Wycombe Wanderers and another four in charge of Northern Ireland are the highlights of his time as top man. The international link means that he is well known to Craigan and he seems to be the best qualified on the list.

It may be that John Boyle could produce another name, as yet unmentioned. One fact is certain, that the responsibility of finding a manager is not one many would desire. No matter the skills profile, the interview technique, the research or the man management talents which point to a particular candidate, we all know that appointment will be a gamble. He can seek out what seems to be the best man for the job but it will take months before Motherwell fans will know if the right man got the nod.